Downsizing? Follow These Tips to Simplify Your Move

July 4, 2017
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July 4, 2017 gpreite

Downsizing? Follow These Tips to Simplify Your Move

Whether you are downsizing for retirement or you are looking for a solution to simplify your life, it can be a challenge to sort through the household items that have collected over the years. When you are moving into a smaller home, it is best to sort through your belongings before the movers arrive, helping to decrease the number of boxes that need to be moved.

Don’t Move Unused Items

The trick to decluttering is to make a commitment that you aren’t going to move items that have been sitting unused in your home. For example, a box of old Halloween costumes that have been untouched for five years should be donated or sold. Decreasing your belongings before moving will reduce your stress as you are settling into the new home.

Clean the Clutter

As you are preparing for the move, start with the areas that have collected the most clutter. For example, the closets and garage are often spaces where things are stored. Work on one room at a time, and go through every shelf and corner. Make sure that you touch every item to determine if it is something that should be moved.

Create three piles to sort through the storage items: keep, garbage, and sell/donate. The “keep” pile needs to be boxed up for the movers. Have large garbage bags available for the second pile. The third pile needs to be cared for immediately so that those items don’t end up on the moving truck.

Find a Home for Valuable Items

It can be hard to get rid of high-end possessions, but these things can be passed on to family members or sold for a profit. You will find that it is easier to let go of something that you love when you know that the new owner will take care of that item. If needed, consider having an estate sale or a garage sale to clear out the items that no longer add value to your love.

When you have decluttered and found a new property to buy, then make sure that you hire experienced movers to help with the heavy lifting. For more information about Temecula movers, call our team at Ruff and Ready Moving Company: (951) 834-3539


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