Important Factors to Help You Plan for a Military Move

June 13, 2017
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June 13, 2017 gpreite

Important Factors to Help You Plan for a Military Move

Most military families move every few years when they receive a new assignment. If you or your spouse is in the military, then you know what it is like to pack up the home and prepare for a new location. Even if you feel like you are moving expert, there are a few tips that you might consider to improve your experience for your upcoming move:

Military Expenses

In most situations, the military will pay for all of the expenses that are incurred for the move. Read the policy and make sure that you understand the costs that the military will cover. Since they are paying for the expenses, you have the flexibility to get it done right! For example, there is no need to stress about driving a moving truck when you can hire an expert team to help instead.

Packing Belongings in Advance

An organized packing schedule can ensure that you are ready to go on moving day. Some families have a system in place to use plastic bins and other long-term storage containers that can be used over and over again for their moves.

Keep in mind that certain items can’t be moved. For example, many branches of the military prohibit weapons, alcohol, or any other type of contraband.

Vehicles and Pets

If you are moving to a distant location, then you need to consider the options to transport your vehicle. An in-country move can provide a great opportunity for a fun family road trip. For an international move, you might consider selling your vehicle or shipping it through the military.

Also, make plans to care for any family pets. Sometimes, the animals are overlooked, and then the family is stressed on the day of the move when they are trying to decide what to do with the animals. A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way to help you avoid these problems.

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