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Important Factors To Help You Plan For A Military Move


Make Your Military Move Hassle-Free with These Key Tips

Military families often face frequent relocations due to new assignments. If you or your spouse serves in the military, you understand the process of packing up and preparing for a new location. Even if you consider yourself a moving expert, there are essential tips to enhance your upcoming move experience:

1. Military Expenses: Familiarize yourself with the military’s policy regarding covered expenses for your move. In most cases, the military will cover all costs incurred during the relocation. Take advantage of this benefit by ensuring a stress-free move. For instance, instead of worrying about driving a moving truck, consider hiring a professional team to handle the logistics.

2. Organized Packing: Establish an organized packing schedule to ensure readiness on moving day. Many military families use reusable plastic bins and long-term storage containers, providing an efficient system for multiple moves. It’s important to note that certain items, such as weapons, alcohol, or contraband, may be prohibited by military regulations.

3. Vehicles and Pets: For long-distance moves, explore options for transporting your vehicle. In-country moves offer an opportunity for a memorable family road trip, while international moves may require selling your vehicle or arranging shipping through the military. Additionally, make necessary plans for the care and transportation of your family pets to avoid last-minute stress on moving day.

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