Moving Day Essentials: What to Do Before the Movers Show Up

February 14, 2017
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February 14, 2017 John Ruff

Moving Day Essentials: What to Do Before the Movers Show Up

Moving day is drawing near, which means that you need to start thinking about the things that need to be done before the movers show up. If you haven’t prepared in advance, then you will be dealing with a chaotic mess when the moving truck pulls into your driveway. Even though the movers do the heavy lifting, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the day runs smoothly.

Pack a Moving Day Suitcase

Will you have a clean pair of pajamas and a hairbrush when you are finally ready for bed after a big moving day? It is a good idea to pack an overnight bag before boxing up your personal items. Keeping your toothbrush and other personal items in a suitcase can give you the basic things that you need until you have time to unpack.

Make sure that you pack this suitcase in advance, then store it in the trunk of your car so that it doesn’t get mixed in with the rest of the items that go into the moving truck.

Prepare a Box of Cleaning Supplies

After the movers have cleared everything out of your home, will you have the things that are needed to wipe everything down? Prepare a box of cleaning supplies and trash bags, and don’t forget to keep your vacuum handy! One tip: keep an extra roll of toilet paper with the cleaning supplies in case you run out.

Mark Your Boxes

Having a bunch of unlabeled boxes can make it difficult to know where things go when you move into your new home. As you are packing, use a big marker to label each box clearly. You might even consider a color-coding system with colored duct tape to label boxes based on areas of the home. For example, yellow tape for kitchen supplies, blue for the kid’s room, and red for the office.

By preparing in advance and hiring a reputable moving company, you can make it simple and easy to get settled into your new home. For more information about high quality moving services, contact our team at Ruff and Ready Moving Company: (951) 834-3539


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