Our skilled crew will come in and professionally pack all of your household or office goods into boxes for safe transport. It starts with the boxes we buy which are all 200lbs tested and certified. We use top of the line blank newsprint on every item, pack them vertically, and leave no spaces to ensure the safety of your items. High end Brown paper is used for pictures and larger items. Each box is then labeled with a brief description of its contents, the room it goes in, the date packed, job number, and the initials of the professional who packed it. This through process eliminates claims, lost items, and confusion on what the contents of the box contains. Remember if your box is not packed by a professional then the contents in the box are not covered. Our packing crew has a combines 45 years’ experience of packing and moving.

Another part of our packing service is crating high end and/or fragile items for safe transport. Some items include statues, sculptures, glass tables, marble tops, slates, and specialty items among others which need to be crated. Ruff & Ready Moving builds custom crates to fit your piece exactly which ensures its safety. Some materials used for the crating include wood, bubble wrap, straps, furniture pads, wood screws, and foam padding.


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