Why are Thousands of People Moving Out of California?

Why are Thousands of People Moving Out of California?

People once immigrated to California in droves, seeking a sunny climate and economic prosperity. Now, it seems as though thousands are doing just the opposite; while no one wants to leave the climate behind, many can no longer afford to live here.

With more than 40 million state residents, California will hardly become a ghost town any time soon. But Census Bureau data does show a net loss of 138,000 people between July 2016 to July 2017. That’s a certainly trend we continue to witness in the long distance moving business.

Where are they going? The same data demonstrated a net gain of 79,000 for Texas, 63,000 for Arizona, and 38,000 for Nevada. Long distance moving companies have also noted inquiries on moving to Oregon, Washington, and other states.

But why would anyone take on the arduous task of moving their entire life to another state? For many, it’s a matter of simple economic survival. Our booming economy has driven up the cost of living, beyond what many can afford. A two-bedroom apartment will cost you an average of $2,249 in the Los Angeles area, or $3,400 in San Francisco. And don’t even think about having a large family! In many other parts of the country, those prices will buy you a five-bedroom home with a spacious yard.

Due to those housing prices, Californians often face two-hour daily commutes – rising early in the morning, and returning home late in the evening, just so they can stay in affordable housing. But then, a 40 percent gas tax hike sure didn’t help in that department. It’s no wonder long distance moving companies receive daily calls, from exhausted Californians who are ready to pack up and leave.

The answer comes down to financial stability and quality of life. California is a beautiful state, with much to offer, but for many the cost of living just doesn’t allow them to live their dreams. A move to another state can offer the opportunity to live life at a more relaxed and affordable pace. And, thanks to skilled long distance movers, the process can be much easier than you might believe. Give us a call if you’re considering a move out of state, and we will explain how to streamline the process.

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